Baba Yaga

Group show at Grand Buffet & Pulvers Glass

May 24, 2019

Opening Memorial Day weekend.
Friday 6-late, Saturday till 8.
Performances TBA
Closing weekend June 14 - 16

Tisch Abelow
Alis Atwell
Conor Backman,
Lu Barnes,
Jordan Barse,
Lorna Bauer
Enky Bayarsaikhan
Mandy Beckley
Annie Bielski
Sam Boehm
Rebecca Borrer
Hannah Buonaguro,
A.K. Burns
Grace Caiazza
Jonny Campolo
Sean Carrillo
Chelsea Cater
Justin Chance
Ále Campos
Grace Caiazza
Nicole Cherubini,
Nick Payne
Sonia Corina,
Jenni Crain
Christina Bolt
Malcolm Andre Davis II
Pauline Decarmo
Nathaniel DeLarge,
McKeever Donovan
Rachel Anna Drozdowicz
Raul De Nieves
Kristen Dodge
Ryan Foerster,
Yoyo Friedrich,
Jashin Friedrich,
Ted Gahl
Carla Perez Gallardo
Daniel Giordano
Jesse Greenberg,
Ann Greene Kelly
Annie Green
Rochelle Goldberg,
Maximillian Goldfarb
Max Guy,
Bibbe Hansen
MacGregor Harp,
Graham Hamilton,
Pieter and Abby Heijnen
Dmitri Hertz
Flo Honnet
Roman Horst
Becky Howland
Ellie Hunter
Chip Hughes
Laetitia Hussain
Miles Huston,
John Jackson
Irina Jasnowski Pascual,
Paloma Jimenez,
Josie Keefe,
Scott Keightley,
Marka Kiley
David Kirshoff,
Jim Krewson
Nathaniel de Large
Amanda Lees
Sofia Leiby,
Anne Libby
Rachael London,
Annabeth Marks
Caitlin MacBride
Reggie Madison
Hayley Martell
Georiga McGovern
Elise McMahon
Brett Miller
Marta Murray
Sophy Naess,
Ariel Danielle Norris
Dan Perez,
Elbert Joe Perez,
Tessa Perutz
Nikholis Planck
Megan Plunkett
Davon Rainey
Kelsey Renko
Eduardo Resptrepo,
Tomm Roeschlein
Andrew Ross,
Tristan Schipa
Matthew Schrader,
Richard Scott,
Tschabalala Self
Nancy Shaver,
Charlie Smith
Gret Sterrett Smith
Homer Snyder
Jessie Stead,
Will Stewart,
Aaron Strauss
Maya Strauss
Kianja Strobert,
Andre Szabo
Max Taylor-Milner
Katya Tepper,
Raine Trainor,
Michael Valiquette
Becca Van K
Roger VanVoorhees,
Jacques Vidal
Charles David Washington
Kristof Wickman
Sarah Zapata
Yulia Zinshtein

The ones who walk away from Omelas is an Ursula LeGuin story about a world where the problems and suffering of humankind are solved, and where what appears to be a perfect world is formed. Except that it’s all at the expense of one solitary child, who sits underground in a cell. This horrific reality leads a small band of people to walk away from Omelas. And that is where the story ends. But were we to continue the logic of the story, the deserters might wind up in a range of different situations.

It’s the twilight of the Grand Buffet, but people still remember it. According to Eric, who is lending us this space for free, when it first opened about 20 years ago it was so popular that every day at lunch the traffic in the parking lot would fill up and overflow with traffic. For decades, the vegetable oil from restaurant was used to heat the Glass shop. This was during the 90’s and early 2000’s. Today, a wood stove is used. Over the years the original owners of the restaurant left, and the restaurant changed hands. Sometime in the early 2000’s, members of a gang called Triad began to rent the space, and a few years later it was shut down by the FBI for charges related to money laundering and human trafficking. The people who worked there were only paid for half of their 80 hour work week and slept in bunk beds inside the restaurant. After briefly reopening under new owners it was again shut down for health code violations and has been empty ever since. Over the past few weeks the space has been cleaned, debris has been cleared out and temporary lights have been installed. Over 100 artists are showing their artwork here. Outside of the financial re-territorialization taking place in Hudson, we have made room for another kind of territory. Limnal, unofficial, a world that doesn't quite exist, only appears and disappears over the course of a Summer. Just beyond Omelas, which always seems to catch up sooner or later.

LeGuin wrote that she thought of the name Omelas when she read the words Salem, Oregon, backwards in her rearview mirror as she drove from the city on a highway.

Irina Jasnowski Pascual

Irina Jasnowski Pascual

Irina Jasnowski Pascual

Ann Greene Kelly

Jim Krewson

Ellie Hunter

Lu Barnes

Malcolm Andre Davis III