Baba Yaga

Where Nothing Is Dripping

December 5, 2020

Where Nothing is Dripping is an exhibition of cakes, organized by Hannah Mandel, installed within Silhouettes, a group show at the Gallery. The cakes were sold whole or by the slice and the money raised went to Kite's Nest and the Hudson Youth Center.

Alli Gelles, @cakesforsport
Two-tier Futsu squash cake with hoji-cha mousse and mascarpone Italian buttercream, ginger jellies with pomegranate arils.

Bettina Young, @frumpygrain
Double layer blck sesame and marble cake, pineapple passionfruit curd, tiger skin, osmanthus whipped cream and fruits.

Billie Belo, @cakes_for_no_occasion
Four layer, 2 tier chocolate cake with lime and passionfruit curd. Gluten Free.

Caitlin Palmer, @c4k3I1n
Double-layer spiced persimmon cake with walnuts, pistachios, and amaro-soaked raisins, filled with 5-spice Asian pear sauce, citris black pepper ricotta, and red turmeric marscapone frosting. Topped with various decorate fruits including pomegranate, pink lemon, persimmon and black sesame "dragonfruit," and goldenberries.

Haadiyah, @bakeitupbuttercup
Four layer lemon and vanilla checkerboard cake with lemon curd.

Hannah Mandel, @forsythia_forsythia
Triple layer tumeric and candied fennel seed yogurt cake, rasberry jam, sage cream cheese frosting, pistachio rasberry meringue.

Holly Longworth, @odetoyum
Triple layer earl grey cake with dark chocolate chunks, orange curd, and a honey vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, topped with homemade candied orange peel and kumquats.

Jessica Joan Causing, @jessicajoan
Chocolate orange cake with chestnut cream, and cardamom vanilla frosting. Vegan.

Lali Foster, @gruuuubs
Choco-yellow swirl cake with black sesame icing and shredded halvah. Gluten free, dairy free.

Madeline Bach, @tiredhag
Double layer earl gray cake with black sesame paste and meringue buttercream.

Rae Farine, @raerendering
Triple later yogurt and olive oil pistachio cake, lemon buttercream.

Sophia "The Cake Wench" Orlow, @the.cake.wench
Triple layer gradient checkerboard cake, with black sesame, earl grey and angelfood sponge, yuzu and various citris curd, marzipan blenket and marzipan stickers.

Supernatural Coffee, @supernaturalcoffeehudson
Triple layer Victoria sponge with local apricot jam, lemon curd, vanilla buttercream, candied rosemary.